katia raskolnikov
A girl asked me where I am from. I said I am from the planet Earth. Her mom replied, “No she is just visiting…”.

I was born in Russia, raised in India, grew up in London and have now been living in the USA for 20 something years.

I studied math and electronics in school, art and costume design in college and law in graduate school.
I worked as a law professor in Moscow and a head fashion designer in Manhattan. Now I devote all of my time to painting.

I traveled the world and it’s still my favorite pastime after people watching…
Spending most of my teenage years in London I consider it my hometown but I love other cities and countries as well and they influence my art significantly. Speaking in food terms: I had fish and chips in England and Ireland; omelets in France; red bean soups and cakes in China and Hong Kong; pirogi in Russia; fish in Greece; churros con chocolate in Spain; wine herring with baby potatoes in Finland; mango sorbet in the Dominican Republic; sushi in Japan; lobster in Maine and as Kurt Vonnegut said, “so it goes.”

I consider my art a Harajuku style painting, if that makes any sense. It’s funky, fresh, speaks to many generations and spontaneously reaches out to different emotions and feelings.

My paintings are mostly done in acrylic on illustration board which allows me, first of all, to use some of the layers in a watercolor manner and, second, I find the surface a lot more receptive to my crazy additives and varnishes (starting from traditional ones and all the way to salt, vinegar, Windex, single malts, rubbing alcohol, instant coffee, nail polish remover and such) vs. canvas. My technique does not make paintings less stable but gives unexpected details and makes each work an adventure for yours truly.

I believe in helping people so 10% of all my sales goes to various cancer research groups, links to which you can find on this website.

You are welcome to visit and see it all for yourself and if you are interested in any of my works – please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Have a happy journey!