katia raskolnikov
spring showers
forest after the fire
bird of paradise
eye of the storm
on the lake again
street light
my favorite tree in a pea-soup country
black shamrock forest
a vase of hydrangea
forgotten ikebana
hiking on Mars
field of dreams
3 tulips and 2 roses
sittin' in a tree on a summer day
Brooklyn window
the last flower
rocks and mossflowers in Doolin
Pappy picking leaves after the rain
two lovers
just branches
vine doodles
white tulip
enchanted forest or the home i made
I have a dream
I'm swinging
fruit orchard tree
the last leaf
a foggy day 2
a walk in the park
fall flowers
flowers sunny side up
flower field
the swirl
red berries
fairies need to get their lights somewhere
the touch
salt flats
Nature Scenes
Being an urban person I somehow ended up living surrounded by nature, yet very close to New York City.
I treasure moments of total bliss, being all alone in the middle of a vast field or a “virgin” forest with mind-blowing color-palette and forms. It is where I collect and dry leaves and flowers for future projects, pick up sticks and stones and pretend, even if for just a few moments, that life is very simple.

I return to this state of mind over and over again in my paintings. Nature Scenes is my “nature state of mind.”